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We no longer offer English language pages! Google has a free translation service for many languages – this is our website translated by them into English. Yes, that translation is far from perfect but using their service should allow you to browse the content of our site more easily. If you want to surf the history of our website (this includes our old English language pages) why not visit us on web.archive.org. If you want to find out about tramway events visit our „BS Terminkalender (Events Schedule)“ which includes many links to German tramway museums.

worldlist2008 Our most visited page „Trams der Welt (Trams of the World)“ has a list of all the tramways & trolleybus systems in the world in English! Peter Sohns offers this list also in MS access format. His database is called „World ’s Database“ and includes opening dates, remarks and also lists all abandoned systems from around the world! He is also selling excellent track maps from systems around the globe. Click the links or contact him by email.

In 2017 Intraexpress is again running three tram tours for us: book oneline at www.intraexpress.de. Our tours to Japan and the Ukraine are already fully booked!

May 13th-21st, 2017: Trams around the Baltic Sea
Visits to the varied tramway systems of Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, and Tallinn with many new types of cars, and new lines. Flight to Stockholm, mini-cruise Stockholm – Helsinki – St. Petersburg – Tallinn with comfortable accommodation on the ship – without carrying baggage, changing hotels, and Visa application. Flight back from Tallinn 1,495 €.